by Tirzah Shams

She keeps her head down low
Suppressing the thoughts that race her mind
Don’t think of what happened at home
Those bruises on your skin should be left behind

Her eye is black because she tripped
She wasn’t punched there twice
She limps to her school like she does
Once a week, sometimes thrice

At school she is bullied
Because she’s a nerd, that’s all
And at home she is abused
How her mothers death is all her fault

“Dad stop”,she cries each time
Her skin is cut open by the whip
He says you’re disgusting, you’re an idiot
Just seeing your face makes me sick

But this is her life
She goes through each day
But now she’s all drained
As she faces hatred each way


by Tirzah Shams

At that moment I felt all broken
Millions of words, I left unspoken

Now I couldn’t take it anymore
Did love even exist, I wasn’t sure

All around me the world collapsed
I saw him lay there, dead perhaps

I heard my mum call out for behind me
He’s dead, let him go, he was never right for me

I clinged to his body, not wanting to let go
I was the one to kill him, I will always know

Imperfect yet perfect

by Tirzah Shams

My eyes are not perfect
Nor my lips, nor my hair
Always seeing flaws
That aren’t even there

I know I’m too short
And don’t have the perfect grades
And as I enter home
I’m not surrounded by maids

My eyes are not blue
Nor my skin really fair
I don’t have the perfect
Straight blonde hair

My figure is not perfect
I’m not an hour glass
My earrings are not gold
For they’re made of brass

I can’t do good makeup
Nor have I a fashion sense
The need to look perfect
Always makes me tense

But now I know one truth
I am amazing, I am
I don’t need someone’s opinion
Nor the filters of a cam

Forever Hidden

by Tirzah Shams

Those cloaked figures clouded my past
Time is going away too fast

I need you to show me the moonlight
Entangled in the darkest night

You taught me to be so strong
What we are is forever wrong

The blood in my veins is yours forever
I’ll always be free when we are together

And till I dream, I dream of you
I love you so much I never knew

But our love is too forbidden
It will remain forever hidden

Emma to Julian

by Tirzah Shams
(Based on The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare)

Even when I lost every one I knew
The only thing I thought about was you

And when I lost my mum and dad
You were the only person I had

We’ve been through so much
My only hope was in your touch

We even became orphans together
Doesn’t that mean we last forever

We are partners in battle, soulmates one may say
I confess here I love you, standing in front of you today

We did have moments of sadness
When I was filled with tears and madness

But happiness we did find
You never seemed to ever mind

Our fights were big but love always lasted
Two in a million, perfectly casted

Our love broke the law, we didn’t know it was a curse
We wanted to be forever, but things just got worse


You took away all I care about
You took away all I like
You took away all I love
You made me hate my own life

Your words were like daggers
They hit me straight in the heart
You said things that made me feel useless
You took my life apart

Ignore him he’ll leave you alone
That is what I was told
But how ignore when he’s right in front
Tearing you in pieces from whole

Bulling me again and again
Till the door of my happiness shut
You knew you harmed me
You gave me a huge cut

Don’t worry no one can see it
It buried deep in my heart
Don’t worry no one can see it
But it’s tearing me apart


by Tirzah Shams
The mask we wear everyday
The mask that helps us hide
The mask that hides impurities

The mask that gives us pride

The mask we wear when we bully
The mask we wear when we fight
The mask we wear to make us pretty

When nothing we do is right

The mask that forgets friendship
The mask that forgets humanity
Why wear such a horrible mask

When it makes you forget your sanity

The mask that gives you power
The mask that makes you special
It just makes you a monster

It’s brings you closer to the devil

At least Lucifer accepted his truth
He knew he was a fallen angel
But you don’t know what harm you do

You don’t know you’re a danger

So take that mask off for a minute
And take a long look around you
These aren’t your crowd, the people you need
Because you aren’t how they found you

Our Love

For love to be extraordinary
Life doesn’t have to be perfect
Cause I want to be with you
Even if it’s not correct
So give me your heart
As you already have mine
Cause even if you don’t love me
One day you shall be mine
I know I will love you
With a love that shall not die
Until the sun goes cold
And birds do not fly
You always had my heart
You’re the keeper of my soul
And when I am with you
I finally feel whole


What is the love of Jesus?

(a poem)

A love not self centered
A love always remembered
A love that would free us
Is the love of Jesus

The Messiah, the chosen one
He died on the cross for what we have done
A love that would save us
Is the love of Jesus

The Lord of Moses, the Lord of Abraham
He suffered for our sins and became the lamb
A love that would complete us
Is the love of Jesus

He lived on earth and saved my soul
He gave me a chance to finally feel whole
A love with a second chance for us
Is the love of Jesus

He rose from the dead to give us new life
Prepared for us a place in afterlife
A love that would claim us
Is the love of Jesus

Labor Day

Every year on 1st May, in Pakistan we celebrate Labor Day by enjoying a gazetted holiday, by doing nothing but relaxing in the comforts of our home. Whereas, the real labor, for whom this holiday was declared goes out in search of his “dihaari” wages, so that the families could be fed and the needs be met.

Internationally the date of Labor Day differs from Pakistan, here in our country we celebrate this day on 1st May since our labor policies were devised in 1972 and this date was selected for a national holiday. Right after independence in 1947 Pakistan also became a member of ILO (International Labor Organization) which promotes social justice and human / labor rights.

Unfortunately, along with all such organizations and realizations, the labor is still in poor condition. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. We lack basic necessities, the rich can afford alternatives, but think of the poor labor lot, who work each day to win their bread and butter for that day alone, where would they find UPS and bottled water to fulfill the basic needs of their families.

Imagine, Labor Day was dedicated to labors, so that realizations could be generated among the worthy to be able to upgrade working conditions of laborers who are one important module of our society. Instead, we see people dying of drowning, getting electrocuted from open and multiple high-tension wires, falling off high rise buildings, getting burned alive, getting crushed under cranes and what not. Over and above they still work in the same conditions. No change occurs for the betterment.

Labor laws have been made but they are not being implemented. The rights of laborers are defined but they are not being given, the holiday is being celebrated but the labor himself is still out on roads seeking his bread and butter.